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Valley Spring Church

"Knowing God,

And helping others

to know Him"

Sermons - Audio Only

Currently we provide audio recordings of sermons in the form of MP3 file, Audio CD, or listen via Youtube.  


(Note: We are in the development stage to provide video and live streaming options in the future. Please keep us in prayer as we move forward into a modern age of media. )

Title: The Greatest Man - A Father

Text: Job 1:1-12, James 1:26-27

Date: 06/15/14

Speaker: Pastor Richard Womack

Title: Pentecost - What a Day!

Text: Acts 2:1-4

Date: 06/08/14

Speaker: Pastor Richard Womack



Coming soon!

Title: Overcoming Obstacles

Text: Joshua 3:1-5

Date: 06/22/14

Speaker: Rev. Hal Thompson

Title: The Process

Text: Jeremiah 48:11

Date: 06/01/14

Speaker: Pastor John Goats

Title: Good things out of Difficult Places

Text: Joshua 4:1-7

Date: 06/29/14

Speaker: Rev. Hal Thompson